Iceland has one of the highest per capita energy use in the world, and yet the vast majority of its energy (both heating and electricity) is generated using sustainable resources. Fortunate to be sitting atop a renewable resource called geothermal energy, Iceland is able to directly heat its homes, businesses, and industry using this naturally occuring heat, as well as harness the resource to generate electricity for the nations electrical needs.

Earthtube Installation

Earth tubes aren’t a new technology.  In fact, the principle behind earth tubes has been used for centuries in buildings around the world.  Find out about this technology and tips to optimize performance.


In any home, office, or other indoor environment, we’re constantly exposed to chemicals and other pollutants, whether that be volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paints and coatings, formaldehyde from furniture and wood products, or chemical and artificial scents from shampoos, colognes, perfumes, and deodorants.  With poor ventilation and air circulation, these contaminants can build up over time, potentially resulting in health issues such as eye, nose, or throat irritation, headaches and loss of concentration, dizziness, and nausea.

While there are preventative measures, such as using low-VOC and low-formaldehyde products and increasing the amount of fresh air in the space, they don’t typically eliminate the problem.  Low-VOC products still emit VOCs.  Low-formaldehyde products still emit formaldehyde.  And ventilating with fresh air all year round can be costly, especially during the colder months.