Technology is constantly evolving. It doesn’t really matter what specific technology. Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest anything is typically a lost cause, as new upgrades, versions, and features are released quickly and regularly. And sustainability is no different.

So is there a way to get ahead of this trend? Figure out what the next evolution in sustainable technology will be before it hits the shelf?

Construct Canada is definitely one opportunity. Branding itself as ‘North America’s Largest Exposition, Networking, and Educational Event’, Construct Canada is a collection of six concurrent expositions, and features a trade show with hundreds of exhibitors in dozens of categories, as well as education sessions featuring some impressive speakers and industry professionals. Held over three days every December in Toronto, this conference attracts thousands of like-minded individuals and provides a great forum to exchange ideas and learn about innovation.

Construct Canada features a variety of sustainability-related technology, including this commercial-grade charging station for electric vehicles.

Not just another construction trade show, Construct Canada actually has a really in-depth green and sustainable focus, featuring the latest in energy efficient construction techniques and technologies. From the latest in quadruple glazed, heat mirror, xenon-filled insulated glazing units (ie: windows), to LED lamps and daylighting control strategies, to energy management systems that allow you to track your home’s energy use from your smartphone, the trade show allows you to speak to professionals face-to-face, and in most cases actually see examples of this technology first-hand. Remember the Air Purifying Product article we featured several weeks ago? These products were showcased at Construct Canada a year or two before they hit store shelves!

While the education sessions focus mainly on commercial construction and asset management, there is still something for everyone.  You can learn about sustainable building rating systems, or listen to a round-table focusing on the upcoming energy efficiency and conservation trends, or learn about new and innovative sustainable products for residential construction and renovation projects. There’s quite a lot to choose from!

Interested in attending?  If you’re going to be in Toronto around December, check out for a full description of last year’s conference, as well as registration information for next year’s event. The website also features some great search features to find exhibitors or education sessions, if there’s something specific you’re looking for. Although there is a cost for the education sessions, you can register for the trade show for free!

Not going to be in Toronto? Green conferences such as Construct Canada are becoming increasingly popular in most large cities. Do a bit of digging and find the nearest one to you!