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Manufacturing is the heart of many economies and their communities. But what happens when this heart slows down? In his book The Green Collar Economy, Van Jones suggests that a shift in traditional manufacturing may actually be an opportunity for a new ‘green collar’ economy to be created through the advancement of the renewable energy sector.


Our Common Future

By The World Commission on Environment and Development (1987)

Ever wonder where the phrase “sustainable development” came from?

Although the idea of sustainability has been around for centuries, the World Commission on Environment and Development coined what is recognized as the modern-day definition of the term.  Their 1987 report, published as the World Commission on Environment and Development,  and commonly referred to as the Our Common Future or the Brundtland Report, examined a variety of global issues, from access to food and resources to social equality to energy scarcity to industrial and economic development.  But rather than focus on the negative, the report points to an opportunity for a new era of world growth with sustainability and preservation of environmental resources as the catalyst.


The End of the Suburbs

By Leigh Gallagher (2013)

With the recent subprime mortgage crisis in the US, as well as the renewed discussions on commute time and traffic closer to home, there’s been an increasing amount of attention on where we choose to live.

In her book, Gallagher explores the transformation of the suburb, starting with the initial exodus out of cities and away from their noise, crime, and poverty in the early and mid 20th century.  People sought the quiet comfort of tree-lined streets and close-knit neighbourhoods, and attempted to replicate a sense of that small-town feel.  When gas was cheap, everyone owned a car, and cities were gritty and dangerous, suburbs and their associated ‘American Dream’